Friday, April 16, 2021
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Vadodara: Crocodile rescued from 25-feet-deep trench

A team of rescuers pulled out a 12-feet-long crocodile from a 25-feet-deep trench at Asoj village near Vadodara on Saturday after local residents alerted the forest officials about the mugger being trapped in the under-construction drainage line.

The crocodile, estimated to weigh 400 kg, was pulled up with the help of a hydraulic excavator machine.

Hemant Vadhwana, who has a team of rescuers to help him, reached the spot on Saturday morning to rescue the reptile.
“I knew that if we attempt to pull it out with tying ropes, we could injure or strangulate it. So, we decided to use the hydraulic excavator. The crocodile was already injured as it had broken its snout perhaps during the fall into the trench,” Vadhwana said adding that since it is the season of migration of crocodiles ahead of their mating and nesting period in summer, the movement of crocodiles is common

The reptile is currently recuperating at the Vadodara social forestry department.

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