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On day 1,11,800 healthcare workers take the jab in Gujarat

A lot of hope and some reservations marked the first day of the coronavirus inoculation drive held at 161 centres across Gujarat. A total of 11,800 healthcare workers, including senior doctors engaged in treating Covid-19 patients and morgue workers responsible for disposing of bodies of patients who succumbed to the infection, received the vaccines — Covishield, developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca — on the first day of the targeted 16,000.

Several doctors across Gujarat decided to take the jab first as a confidence building measure. Among the first to receive the vaccine at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, which housed the largest Covid-19 facility at the peak of the pandemic, was Dr Ketan Desai, a former Medical Council of India (MCI) president who was also on the committee advising the state government on Covid-19 strategies, and several noted medical experts. A urologist, Dr Desai was arrested in 2010 on graft charges by the CBI.

State immunisation officer Nayan Jani said, “I think our drive went excellently. While the target was getting 100 persons vaccinated per centre, it is practically not possible as some sites did not have as many health workers. Not a single adverse event was reported across the state.”

At the Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, Dr Naveen Thacker, a paediatrician and the director of Gandhidham hospital, who is currently a part of the Gujarat government’s expert task force, was the first to take the vaccine in presence of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel and other health officials.

Dr Atul Patel, an infectious diseases specialist, who was formerly also a part of the state government’s task force and a part of the national task force on clinical research, also took the vaccine on the day. In April, Dr Patel had, during a media interaction, hypothesised how Gujarat’s high fatality rate could be due to the significant presence of the ‘L’ strain over ‘S’ strain, which had been highly contested by many including microbiologists owing to a lack of conclusive scientific evidence.

BJP leader and former (Congress) MLA from Viramgam, Dr Tejashree Patel, who is a gynaecologist, was the first to receive the vaccination at a Primary Health Centre (PHC) at Manipur near Viramgam in Ahmedabad district. Manipur, Dholka and Sanand were among the three places in Ahmedabad rural where the drive was carried out Saturday.

“My party had sent me for the launch of the vaccination at the PHC in Manipur. When I reached the venue, I found that certain beneficiaries who were supposed to come for the vaccination had not turned up… Then I decided to take the first shot. This would send a message among the people that nothing will happen if the vaccine is taken. To boost people’s morale is also a way of serving people,” Patel said. Some private doctors, who were supposed to remain present at the inaugural event and take the vaccine, too had not turned up, she said.

Other prominent persons to receive the shot included Dr JV Modi, the medical superintendent at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, who had tested positive for Covid-19 earlier. “When I checked for anti-body titer, it was absent. I advocate for the vaccine and would advise everyone to get the shot. I got the shot to inspire others and to prove that it is completely safe,” Dr Modi said.

Across the 20 centres under the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation — the maximum vaccination sites to be set up in a district or under a municipal corporation in the state — the target fell short by nearly a 1,000, with 1,115 getting inoculated on Day 1.

Of the 100 listed to take the vaccine on Saturday at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, 56 took the first dose while several others did not show up. Across six other vaccination sites on the Ahmedabad Civil Hospital campus, including Institute of Kidney Diseases & Research Centre (IKDRC), Gujarat Cancer Research Institute (GCRI), at least 210 others were vaccinated.

Indian Institute of Public Health director Dr Dileep Mavlankar, Ahmedabad Medical Association former president Dr Mona Desai, additional medical superintendents at the 1,200-bed Covid-19 unit at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, Dr Rakesh Joshi and Dr Rajnish Patel also received their first shot Saturday.

Meanwhile, an Ahmedabad Civil Hospital platoon personnel, who had opted out of the drive, said: “While I had registered my name for vaccination, this is all for publicity. Every day I am hearing something or the other (related to the vaccine). Let them take it, I won’t show up.”

In Surat city, Dr Jignesh Gangadia, the president of the Junior Doctors’ Association at the New Civil Hospital (NCH), was among the first to receive the jab. Uploading pictures of him getting the shot on the social media, Gangadia said, “This was to motivate other doctors and create awareness.” Gangadia, who is doing his MD from the Government Medical College, had worked at the Covid hospital and was infected with the virus earlier. Soon after recovering, he had joined duty at the Covid hospital.

Dr Ashish Naik, the Deputy Health Commissioner of the Surat Municipal Corporation, said, 500 beneficiaries like doctors, nurses, ward boys, etc, had been administered the vaccine till afternoon. “Not a single case of side-effect has been reported so far. We are in regular contact with the vaccinators in Surat and have told them to report back if anything unusual happens,” he said.

In Surat, the Covishield vaccine doses were administered to the health workers at 14 centres including NCH; SMC-run SMIMER hospital; Magob health centre, P P Sawani Heart Institute, Varachha; Mota Varachha Health Centre; SD Diamond Hospital, Varachha; Bhatena Community Health Centre; Arogya Hospital, Pandesara; Apple Hospital, Udhna Darwaja; United Green hospital, Anand Mahal Road; Shalby Hospital; Navyug College; BAPS Pramukh Swami Hospital, Adajan; Mahavir Hospital, Athwagate; and Kiran hospital, Katargam.

With several ministers and bureaucrats at the spot, social-distancing norms were violated at several places. A senior doctor, who received the vaccine, said, “This just might become a super-spreader event.”

Dr Modi said due to the VIP presence, the vaccination centre was moved to the new trauma centre building on the campus for the day from the designated old trauma centre building.

In Saurashtra, the vaccination exercise remained smooth barring minor incidents largely due to the ongoing strike by health workers of district panchayats. No adverse reaction to the vaccine was reported from anywhere.

In Rajkot district, vaccination sessions were conducted at referral hospitals in Jasdan, Gondal and Jetpur towns and total 300 people were to be administered the doses of the Covishield vaccines. Against this target, a total 302 people were given the shots. “In Jasdan, Dr Deepak Ramani, a well-known surgeon in the town, took the first shot to boost the confidence of other candidates. In Gondal and Jetpur, superintendents of both the hospitals stood first in the line. In Gondal, three people remained absent. While one had a medical emergency, the other had developed a sore throat. But others volunteered in their place and we could achieve the target administering the vaccine to 100 people in Gondal. In Jetpur, against the target of 100 doses, we administered the vaccine to 102,” Dr Mitesh Bhanderi, the Chief District Health Officer (CDHO) of Rajkot, said.

In Rajkot city, however, the response was tepid. As against the target to 600, the vaccine could be administered to around 400. “People want to wait and watch and, therefore, some did not turn up. But nonetheless, we can call this a good response,” Udit Agrawal, Rajkot municipal commissioner, said.

The vaccination centre in state government-run PDU Hospital in Rajkot, popularly known as the Rajkot Civil Hospital, remained an exception in the city and achieved the target of vaccinating 100 people. “We administered doses to 100 people as there was no absenteeism. There were no second thoughts about the shot from any of them and till now no adverse reaction has been reported,” Dr Pankaj Buch, in-charge medical superintendent of the civil hospital, said. Dr Buch had stood first in the line to get the shot at the civil hospital.

In Porbandar district, against the target of 200, vaccine could be administered to 179. “Around 140 health workers of the Porbandar district panchayat are on the strike and their approach presently is that they would neither take the vaccine shot themselves nor would administer it to others. Due to the strike, we had to enlist people from other department and these people had some apprehensions about the vaccine. Someone said that they were lactating mothers and would therefore wait and watch for a couple of days and then would get themselves inoculated. At Adwana community health centre (CHC), we could achieve 83 vaccinations against the target of 100. We had replacement volunteers, but as they were on the list, we did not administer them doses. At Bhavsinhji hospital, 96 people were administered the doses,” Dr Kavita Dave, CDHO of Porbandar said.

The GK General Hospital in Bhuj town of Kutch witnessed a lot of enthusiasm. “We were to administer the vaccine to 100 people but actually we overachieved the target by vaccinating total 117 people. Each box of vaccine contains 10 doses and as we had opened 12 such boxes, we didn’t want the vaccine to go waste so we administered doses to people who were not on the list for the day but came forward for it voluntarily,” Dr Kashyap Buch, the Chief District Medical Officer of Kutch, said.

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