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Now, psychology tips for teachers to help parents deal with kids – education

The Bureau of Psychology, UP will now provide tips to parents on the right way to treat and deal with their kids using teachers as the go-between.

Experts at the bureau feel that in the changing environment, counselling of parents is must to help them understand the challenges being faced by their kids and guide them accordingly. For that they are preparing guidelines. Simultaneously, training modules for basic and secondary level school teachers are also being prepared.

The experts plan to first train teachers and then help the teachers counsel parents to help them deal with kids in this new tech-driven age and times, said Kamlesh Kumar, a senior psychologist of the Bureau.

The Bureau of Psychology, UP at Prayagraj was established in 1947 and since 1981 has been functioning as a unit of the State Council of Educational Research and Training, UP. “Teachers of government-run primary, upper primary and secondary schools of the state using these guidelines and lessons can prepare parents to better handle their children. This can be done in the meetings of the School Management Committee (SMC) and the Parents Teacher Meetings (PTMs),” Kumar added.

According to psychologists, parents often complain that their child does not study, keeps playing throughout the day, is scoring poor in exams and tests but fail to try and understand why such things are happening. In many cases parents are even hesitant to take children to a psychologist for counseling despite clear signs of distress and issues, they claim.

According to Kamlesh Kumar, many times parents also strive to fulfill their own aspirations and ambitions through their kids. “For example, if a parent could not become an IAS, doctor or engineer himself, they put unnecessary pressure on children without taking the kid’s interest and aptitude into consideration resulting in various complications that the kid displays through behavioral changes, depression and other such manifestations. Because of these reasons too many children are unable to perform as per their potential. Counseling tips for teachers to advise parents of mentally retarded and handicapped children is also included in the guidelines and training modules being prepared by us,” he added.

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