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Now, advanced programming course from IIT-Madras for students, working professionals

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras‘ Digital Skills Academy is launching courses in programming and advanced programming in partnership with IITM-Incubated Edtech Startup GUVI. The courses are designed to equip final-year engineering students and graduates with programming skills through industry professionals, the IIT claims. While the course can be helpful for engineering graduates, it is open to students and even working professionals across India.

Along with live online sessions, the course is being offered through an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform which provides students with coding and self-assessment environment for practising programming in real-time, the IIT claims. “The 120 hours of programming course will help professionals and students to obtain experiential learning equivalent to about three-months of actual working experience in each of these courses and makes them job-ready,” IIT-Madras stated in the official notice.

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A formal certificate will be issued by the Centre for Continuing Education, IIT-Madras. for successful candidates.

Mangala Sunder, founder, and coordinator, Digital Skills Academy, IIT-Madras said that the trainers will cover multiple areas through large problem sets, which will also help the students to do competitive examinations in the banking and finance sector well and with confidence.

The Digital Skills Academy is a joint venture of IIT Madras with NASSCOM IT-IT Enabled Services Sector Skill Council of India.

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