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Maharashtra: Over 280 mild cases of adverse events reported across state

In 24 hours after healthcare workers were administered vaccine against Covid-19 on Saturday, over 280 cases of adverse event following immunisation (AEFI) were reported from across the state. Officials said “all cases are mild” and required no serious intervention except symptomatic consultation.

Usually, one in every 10 vaccinated experience some kind of discomfort ranging from nausea, vomiting, fever and pain at the vaccination site. Of the 18,328 vaccinated on January 16, over 280 (1.5 per cent) complained of these symptoms.

“In fact, we will not label them as AEFI cases, as these were mild reactions to the vaccine. AEFI or anaphylactic reaction has more severe symptoms. None of the adverse reactions were fatal. Some people were admitted in hospital for observation and symptomatic care,” said Dr Archana Patil, Director (Family Welfare), Directorate of Health Services.

Of the cases reported, 233 were from across Vidarbha with at least 34 people requiring hospitalisation. While 68 cases were reported in the five districts of Amravati division, 164 were reported from six districts of Nagpur division, authorities said. They, however, said that the reactions were expected and all persons are stable.

Amravati Divisional Commissioner Piyush Singh said, “Here, 68 vaccinated people developed adverse reactions after midnight on Saturday. They complained of nausea, vomiting, headache and mild fever, which is considered normal. Of these, 25 were hospitalised in Yavatmal, four in Buldhana, three in Akola and one in Washim district. While patients in Yavatmal and Washim have been discharged, those in Akola and Buldhana have been kept under observation. They all are stable and will go home tomorrow.”

Eighteen cases of adverse events were reported in Akola district and 20 in Amravati, said Singh. Asked the reactions were noticed in which of the two vaccines – Covishield or Covaxin – Singh said, “Covaxin was administered only in Amravati District Hospital. Three were no such reports from there.”

Deputy Director of Health Services (Nagpur division), Sanjay Jaiswal, said, “As many as 165 people reported mild adverse reactions today, which is normal. They are all are stable. Only one person is in hospital in Nagpur and is doing well.”

On Saturday, the state had reported 14 people with adverse reactions observed within half an hour of getting vaccinated. No deaths have been recorded due to vaccination in state.

With inputs from ENS, Mumbai

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