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Hospital ward boy dies day after receiving Covid-19 vaccine, UP officials deny link

A controversy erupted following the death of a 46-year-old government hospital employee in Moradabad on Sunday, around 24 hours after receiving the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

While the family of the deceased, Mahipal Singh, alleged that his health deteriorated following the dose, Moradabad Chief Medical Officer (CMO) MC Garg claimed that the death is not linked to vaccination. Singh was given the vaccine shot on Saturday afternoon, and he died the next day after complaining of congestion and pain in the chest. He was working as a ward boy at the Moradabad District Hospital.

The postmortem report found cardiogenic or septicemic shock due to cardiopulmonary disease as the immediate cause of death. The postmortem report added that both his lungs showed pus pockets, while the heart has fatty degeneration of myocardium with hypertrophy of the right ventricle. There also were large amounts of clotted blood in aorta and heart chambers. Both the lungs, heart and blood samples of the deceased have been preserved for histopathological examination.

Deceased’s son Vishal Singh has alleged that the death is linked to the vaccine dose. ” I would say that whatever happened is because of the vaccine and I would like to hold responsible the government which is getting people vaccinated… After getting the vaccine dose, he came out around 1.30 pm. I brought him home, and he was having breathlessness. He had minor Pneumonia along with a normal cough and cold before the vaccine, but after getting the shot his condition deteriorated,” he said to the media. Sources close to the family alleged that Singh was not subjected to a medical checkup before receiving the vaccine.

Denying the allegations, the CMO said that the death does not appear to have been caused by the vaccine as Singh reported to his night duty on Saturday and he was perfectly fine. “On Sunday afternoon he complained of chest pain and congestion and breathlessness. By the time he was rushed to the district hospital he died. The Covid vaccine was given to him on Saturday afternoon. It does not appear that this is because of the reaction of the vaccine as he came on night duty on Saturday and he was perfectly fine,” said CMO Garg.

The state government has also insisted that the death of the person is not directly related to the vaccine as he died due to heart attack. Earlier on Saturday, total 22,643 doctors and healthcare workers, which are more than 71 percent of listed 31,700, got the first dose of their vaccines at 317 centres across the state.

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