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COVID effect: Parents look at more than just academia for shortlisting schools for their kids

— Written By Alka Verma

The education sector went into an overnight transformation due to the spread of coronavirus, all the classes were shifted to online mode, and eventually that is the ‘new normal’. However, schools have started opening up and the next admission session is just around the corner. In this ‘new normal’ the admission procedure is quite different from how it has been in the past.

For every parent, providing quality education to their kids is their top priority. However, living and surviving in a pandemic with an economic crisis brings with itself major hurdles for the parents while choosing the right school for their kids.

With the rapidly growing number of preschools, primary and secondary schools all around us, how do you choose the one that best fits the specific needs of your child?

Unlike pre-COVID times when parents were ready to get seats in the best schools of their area/city for their child, now parents are cautious and mindful of spending huge amounts of money in securing a seat. They are mindful of the curriculum and most importantly pedagogies being offered by the schools for the fee being asked by them.

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With this pandemic, we are also noticing a shift in the mindset of the parents regarding the importance of school education. For many years, going to a regular school was the only form of education taken seriously by the people of our society. However, one of the better byproducts of the pandemic is the shift in the mindsets of the parents in opting for homeschooling. Homeschooling is not curriculum-based teaching and, rather have various aspects to it which are closer to life skills. The lockdown will give a push to unconventional forms of education and homeschooling is one such form which seems to be a viable option in the present times.

Another important factor that the parents are considering these days are the board and innovative pedagogies followed by the schools. This year taught us how uncertain our future is, therefore parents are looking for schools which follow project-based learning, experiential learning, self-directed learning, creative online teaching tools, and learning approaches, etc wherein their child is, ‘learning by doing’ which is very important in the current scenario when the online learning is here to stay. When the child is actively engaged in what they are learning, they develop a stronger mastery of content and become more creative and critical thinkers.

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According to a recent survey by BYJU’s, 75 per cent of parents want their children to continue learning online, even if the lockdown ends. Parents have witnessed, and are convinced with the effectiveness of digital learning, however, they are still concerned with the amount of screen time their kids would be spending, so they also expect schools to keep the children involved in projects and live activities. This is another major factor that the parents are looking for while choosing the right school for their kids.

Lastly, parents now know that the future is uncertain and with the rapid transformation taking place in the education sector, they are looking for future-ready schools that will build a comprehensive continuous learning curriculum which will consist of subjects, practical projects, etc for them to gain skills beyond their present curriculum and assist them in making their kids future proof and life long learners.

— The authored is a resident director at Zamit

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